Family Friendly Christian Comedian

Grass Roots

Welcome to Grass Roots!!!  We are so thankful for your commitment in spreading the Gospel around the world and supporting Lee as his comedy opens doors to places few have the opportunity to go.  Your commitment to Pray for Lee 10-minutes a week and support him with your donation of $10 a month will do more than you could ever dream.  We are making a difference together.

As a member of Grass Roots you will gain access to premium content and two of Lee’s most popular CD’s as well as his message “Lost”.  We invite you to share “Lost” with your friends and family who are not in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here is what you get a member of Grass Roots:

  1. Premium Content – Videos, messages, pictures and updates from Lee.
  2. Downloadable CD – When The Woods Wake Up
  3. Downloadable CD – I Ain’t Kiddin
  4. Downloadable Message – “Lost”

This is $50 value available to you with your membership, with more bonus items and discounts to follow.